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LED Headlights And Electric Cars

January 23, 2017 overadmin 0

Every year more and more electric cars hit the highways and byways of the United States.  Providing a range of benefits to the consumer, electric cars are an exciting alternative when the threat of rising gas costs linger.  In addition to eliminating the needs for gas, electric cars also represent a more sustainable future where innovations in design can improve efficiencies and reduce the costs you have to cover.

If you are thinking about an electric car, then you will really want to give thought to the bulbs you are using in your headlights.  While xenon, halogen, and LED lights might be comparable in some respects, there is one clear winner when it comes to electric cars.  Let’s take a moment to talk about how LED headlights are your preferred headlights for electric cars.


The Benefit Of LED Headlights For Electric Cars

The first thing you will want to consider is durability.  LED headlights have an average lifespan of 25,000 hours.  The lifespan is far longer than any of the alternatives on the market.  One reason for the improved lifespan is the high durability of the bulbs.  The bulbs have no moving parts associated with their use and do not have filaments to contend with either. Learn more here why LED headlights is the best choice for your car’s headlight.


Installation Time & Bulb Variety

Another benefit of LED headlights can be seen in their installation time and general size.  Led headlights take on average about 30 minutes to install in your vehicle. This is about half of the time it takes to install other bulbs.  Another thing to consider is the range of bulbs that can fit inside the casing.  LED headlights are the smallest, meaning that you can fit an incredible variety of LED bulbs in your vehicle.  Just be aware that the base of the bulb can generate heat during use and should be placed away from wires and other things that run the risk of melting.



The main reason why you should consider LED headlights are that they are far more energy efficient than the competition.  LED headlights use a fraction of the electrical charge while producing a decently bright light.  For vehicles that rely heavily on keeping a charge, LED headlights will allow the car to last longer and go further before requiring another charge.  In addition to using less power, they waste practically no power at all generating useless heat.  Add to this a fast warm up time and it is no wonder LED headlights continue to increase in popularity with every subsequent year they are out.


Where Does That Leave Us?

Few headlight options have the same level of enthusiasm or development as LED headlights.  Having made significant improvements over the past decade, LED headlights are becoming less expensive, less power intensive, brighter, and easier to make.  A firm step forward in terms of technology and design, LED headlights represent a great deal of potential in an industry that is only in its infancy.  So, if you want headlights, then you should strongly consider LED.  Best of luck as you shop around for the right headlights for your vehicle!